Our company Orengul Machine Construction Mining
Industry and Trade Limited Company

Our company Orengul Machine Construction Mining Industry and Trade Limited Company, started its business life in Bereket Industrial Site in an area of ​​120 m² in 2004 and continues to develop itself continuously in its activities since the day it was founded and acts in the consciousness of continuous change and development in order to respond to the increasing demands of its customers. .

In line with this awareness, as of 2011, Kütahya 2nd Organized Industrial Zone, 1.500 m² closed, 10.000 m² open area under the VMG brand Steel Construction, Storage Systems and Raw Material Handling Systems services continued. As of 2015, the factory operating in the existing 2nd Organized Industrial Zone is operating on a total area of ​​18,000 m², including 5.5OOm² closed and 12.5OO m² open area.

Our company is able to produce 20 silos or tanks per month with 300.000 Kg of steel processing capacity and volume, and is proud to be among the big companies in the region with this capacity. Thanks to the knowledge and experience of the founders of VMG for many years, expert technical staff and qualified personnel, it has taken its rightful place in the sector as a work of continuous change and development. Our customer satisfaction priority, quality production and growth as a principle, our company in the field of steel structures, storage systems and raw material transport systems in a short time to many organizations as a solution partner has taken its place in the industry.

All of our personnel are selected from qualified people who are experts in their fields, who are sensitive to their work and who act as sensitive.

VM Group closely follows the technological developments related to the sector and keeps the machinery track up to date. All employees are aware of this quality priority in our company.

In our company, it is essential that the projects are executed in accordance with the contracts, legal arrangements, the demands of the employer and delivered within the time specified in the contracts. Our company has adopted the priority of taking into consideration the rules of Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Protection in all projects it has undertaken.