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General Information About Silo Manufacturing

Silo production is done by many companies in our country and in the world.Silos are used to store raw materials and end products in enterprises.Silos can be produced as bolted and welded according to the mounting type.Material is selected according to the type of material to be stored. Cement, plaster, lime, pvc, salt, sand, granule, ash, etc. To store the materials, silos made of carbon steel are produced.Especially for materials such as flour, wheat, barley, corn, calcite used in foods, silos made of stainless steel are produced.

Silo Manufacturing and Silo Usage Areas

Discharge and storage points of the silobas trucks,
At the starting or ending points of the Dense Phase and Sparse Phase Pneumatic conveying systems,
In silo filling systems,
In industrial facilities,
Concrete, plaster, bentonite, lime, silica sand, carbon, coal powder facilities,
In Cement Plants,
In Thermal Power Plants,
Ceramic factories,
Wheat, Barley, Corn, Cereals,
In pulses storage facilities,
Powder material raw material facilities,
Granular material raw material facilities,

Silo Manufacturing – Silo Application Areas

Cement Silo,
Gypsum Silo,
Lime Silo,
Calcite Silo,
Ash Silo,
Carbon Silo,
Flour Silo,
ATH Silo,
HFFR Silo,
Powder Raw Material Silo,
Granular Raw Material Silo,
Pulses Silo,
Raw Material Bunkers.

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