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What is Raw Material Storage Silos ?

Bulk materials in powder and granular form are used extensively in various fields of the industry. These materials should be stored with efficient and safe methods before use. Raw material storage silos are safe and easy-to-use equipment that occupies little space compared to the volume of material stored in industrial facilities.

Storage silos are available in a wide variety of structures and designs, depending on application requirements, raw material characteristics and environmental conditions. From the very high capacity storage silos to the small volume temporary stock silos, the design and production of the silos that provide low operating costs and high efficiency are carried out by VMG.

Bulk Materials That Are Stored in Silos

Cement, calcium carbonate, ash, plastic pellets, lime, sand, gypsum, carbon black, pvc, fly ash, coal, coal dust. flour, seed, chickpea, bean, sesame, almond, grain cereals, chestnut, coffee grain, coffee powder, sugar, corn, starch, salt, spice, glass powder, marble powder,sawdust.

Thanks to the long years of knowledge of the founders of VMG, expert technical staff and qualified personnel, it has taken its rightful place in the sector as a work of continuous change and development.

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