Genel Bilgiler

Why Steel Structure?

Thanks to the high bearing capacity of the steel, steel building elements are produced in smaller sections and sizes, lighter and of excellent quality. In steel structures, the bearing element dimensions are much smaller than wood and concrete, so more usage areas are obtained. This enables the building area to be used more efficiently.

The quality of the steel, which is produced with international standards and is a completely industrial product, is checked and documented at every stage of its production. The producer or user cannot interfere with the physical properties of the material. Steel is a durable and reusable material. The material from the dismantling of steel buildings is recovered.

Since there is no need for concrete other than foundation and basement, the assembly of the steel construction can be done very quickly, regardless of the weather conditions. This enables the capital need to be reduced and construction costs to be reduced.

Since galvanized steel is used in light steel carrier production, its corrosion resistance is high and there is no rust. As in wood, there is no cracking or insect over time.

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