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What is Steel Construction Structure?

Structural elements of structural elements such as columns and beams are called steel structures. Steel structures have many advantages. Due to these advantages, steel systems have started to be preferred very much. Steel systems are completely fabricated products. Therefore, the error rate in these building systems is very low. It is very easy to move the produced parts to the construction site and install them.

Steel Construction building system is the safest building model for commercial buildings and living spaces. Structures Produced by Model with Steel Construction System.

Along with the industrial areas, solutions are produced for the unlimited construction needs that can be thought of belonging to the indoor living area.

Commercial Structures

  • Factory and Workshop Buildings
  • Hangars, Warehouses
  • Logistics Warehouses
  • Social Facility Structures
  • Sports Facilities
  • Farm Structures
  • Private Vehicle Hangar and Stage Buildings
  • Steel Roof and Stairs

Living Areas

  • Villas
  • House and Mass Housing
  • School and Hospital Buildings
  • Commercial Office Buildings
  • Hotels
  • Public Service Buildings

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